Interested in investing in The Greg Miller Project?

Some samples of the adult and youth classes we'll be offering.

Start Acting

Take 6 session starter courses that will give you the basics of acting, auditioning and being in your first play.

Acting Plus

Take 6 session starter courses that will further your skills as a performer or take one shot workshops in other aspects of the performance craft.

Audition Prep Seminars

Take a one time seminar that will let you know all about the next auditions coming up for the next Project production.  Plot, characters, style - everything you need to get a head start.

Vocal seminars that will help you prepare the type of song you need for an upcoming audition.

Dance prep sessions that will teach tap, ballroom, modern, jazz, or whatever style choreography the next musical calls for. so you'll be ready for that audition.

Dance Classes

Take 6 session dance classes in a particular style, taught by one of our great choreographers.

Make-Up Application

Take 6 session starter courses that will give you the basics of stage make up, hair applications, and some typical specialty make-ups.

Or workshops on very specific and advanced techniques for Halloween, specialty or extreme characters.

Comedy Improv Classes

A 6 session starter course to teach you the basics of Improv and unlocking your spur of the moment creativity.

Improv Plus

Further your Improv skills with more classes and workshops to continue developing your skills in the form.