Interested in investing in The Greg Miller Project?

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What do I get if I decide to help financially?

That blue button up there to the right is an active link that will take you to a federally regulated funding portal that will be able to answer all your q's about this aspect of The Greg Miller Project. Laws and regulations stipulate that info and transaction be handled through such outlets.

Having Issues with the Investment Portal?

Some folks have had questions about the Silicon Prairie Funding Portal (The page you get to when you click the blue Invest button.) Some of the Common issues are:

1. Remember to start by filling out and setting up an account there so the SEC knows you are a real person.

2. Don't miss the "Activate" word/button that starts your submission AFTER you've filled it all out.

3. Payment method questions. There are two ways to transfer your investment. One is automatically through your secured bank info. (They send tiny deposits to your bank and ask you to confirm it has worked through an email to insure it has been set up properly.) The other is with check that you send to the address they give you on the site.

4. "I tried to invest 5000 but it wouldn't let me." For investments over 2000 you have to complete the financial information to demonstrate that you are capable of making the commitment. It's one way the regulations seek to guide and protect the investor.

5."I don't have enough for a minimum investment can I still contribute some way?" Some folks have gotten creative and teamed up with several others to share a share. They have chosen one of their "team" to be the designated shareholder and will then decide among themselves how to divvy up perks/possible benefits etc.

6. Remember to download the PDF's at the site and READ all the info there. Most all of your questions can be answered. In fact they ask you several times if you have read the material before you can submit your request.

As always there is a contact form on the Silicon Prairie site and if you have questions their technicians will help you. Don't be afraid to ask, they want to make it work well for you and appreciate hearing where things may need tweaking..

How do I get in a play?

Keep up with the website and follow us on FB for updates on when auditions occur for a production you are interested in.  Show up on one of the specified times. Fill out a form.  Read a time or two with other auditionees.  Sing a song and learn some dance steps for a musical. Then check back via the website on the day specified to see if you have been selected.  *Look for tips on auditioning elsewhere on the website soon.

 Are you going to have food at the Project?

That's the plan.  The plan is to have a wine and beer bar AND a limited menu app/dessert kitchen.  Though still in the development stages, we hope to have items like:

  • Tasty hot finger foods (bread sticks, fry basket, personal pizza?)
  • Fun desserts (pastry, ice cream, milkshakes?)
  • Festive night out treats (killer piece of cake!)

You'd be able to eat and drink in the theater itself via an arm mounted tray or counter top in front of your seat.  Usher/servers will be able to bring orders to your seats before the show or at intermission.  They will not serve while the show is in progress.

Weather permitting, we'd also like to work with some food truck vendors to park in our lot for pre-show guests' enjoyment.

What IS The Greg Miller Project?

It's a for profit community theater.  What is that, you say?  It's a theater started by Mr. Miller and the many supporters of his work in the art, meant to provide a live theater option at an affordable cost to area audiences.  It also provides an outlet for local and regional artists to ply their passion and talent for live theater in a professionally managed environment where their work can be seen and appreciated.

So everyone is a professional and everyone is paid?

No and no.  Currently there are only three full-time employees in the Project business plan, the Artistic Director, Scenic Designer, and Business Manager, all of whom are professionals and artists.  There will also be many more part-time and contract employees (Designers, Teachers, Music Directors, Vocal Directors, Choreographers, Lighting Designers, Costume Designers, Scenic Designers, Directors etc.)  All will be paid professionals.  Select service employees will be compensated  for their work as well.  The current plan has no compensation listed for performers.  This does not mean they lack the skill and commitment of a professional.  Some will be talented up and comers and others will be seasoned veterans.  The reality is that the artists being paid are already not being compensated adequately and to pay everyone at the onset might mean not opening at all.  The goal, however, is to create a secure and stable platform for the art that will enable us to grow financially to be in the position to pay all our artists what their hundreds of hours and dedication are worth.  A similar model has been successful in the Twin Cities and we are bringing that model to Rochester.

What kind of shows will you do?

The main stage will consist of 8 shows:

  • Old classics
  • New Popular Titles
  • Re-imagined Pieces
  • Hidden and Forgotten Gems
  • Grand Musicals scaled for our 200 seat house
  • Recent Broadway Hits.

We'll present some youth friendly productions with special child rates to make it affordable for the whole family.

We also have a number of Event nights earmarked through the season that will take place in the "Construction Zone" (weekend nights the set is in mid transformation for the next main stage production.)  These can be:

  • Improv Comedy
  • Cult Movies
  • Kids Show
  • Stand Up Comedians
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Radio Theater
  • Trivia Contest
  • Dance Performance

All presentations brought with an eye to entertain our audience and engage our community of artists.

What's with the name?

We went round and round about the name, but after talking to a friend who operates a similar successful venture he said, "If your name has any traction in the area, use it." He didn't want to use his name in the title of his business either, but friends told him to get over himself.  "Besides, every time you say your name you are plugging your theater."  The Project part of the name makes it a big umbrella that many theatrical ventures fit under so we have latitude in bringing Rochester audiences all kinds of theater including things they don't even know are out there.

Are those actual pictures of the space?

No.  Most interior pics, except those in the blog, are space holders for when we have more pics to show you.  The show pics are from our past work though,  and those are really our staff pictures as well.  All are graciously loaned to us by photographer, Tony Drumm of Drumm Images.

Can the Project space be rented?

Yes, but only if we are not already producing something in the space, which we plan to do a lot of.

Will there be Season Tickets?

Yes!  A full 8 show season pass with one ticket for each of our main stage productions and a 4 show pass for 4 productions of your choosing.