J.P. Whiskers says… “Invest”

By making a one-time purchase of limited shares in the Greg Miller Project you not only have the opportunity to earn dividends each year (as explained in the Silicon Prairie Portal link on our website) but you will also become a founding investor of the company. Only 500 shares are offered. As an investor, for each share held, you receive:

  • Discounts and specials on selected tickets, food, beverage and classes tuition.
  • Early booking privileges before the general public.
  • Free tickets to Investors only performances three times a year. (Season Kick Off, Holiday Celebration, Wrap Party)
  • Investor rental, party, and access preferences etc.

We feel, with a small group of financial supporters to get us started we can take their investment and build it into a thriving entertainment feature for the city. We believe that with Mr. Miller’s decades of experience, the combined substantial talents of our community artists and crafts people, and your one time only financial commitment, we can consistently present quality live theatrical works worthy of your time and admission.  We can do all this without asking you for another penny of investment beyond your initial share purchases. The Greg Miller Project produces work, you buy tickets, you have a wonderful experience, you tell others, you come back. Rinse repeat.  It’s a simple as that. But first…. Help us to start.

For more details on investing go to gregmillerproject.com

Dubiously yours,


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