Make an Impact

I’m informed the term for getting people to become a part of a project, such as ours, that will have more than the possibility of financial benefits but social and cultural ones as well is “Impact Investing”.  Here is what we believe The Greg Miller Project will contribute to our growing city:


The money stays in Rochester:

  • Not owned by an outside corporation or agency but almost exclusively area residents.
  • Local contractors, architects, legal and accounting services.
  • The vast majority of its artists are local performers, musicians and craftspersons.

An old building and site become useful once again:

  • A very visible expression of the growth of the city and its people.

Jobs Created:

  • 3 Full-time Artistic and Administrative
  • 1 Full-time Administrative
  • 5+ Part time Educational
  • 2 Part time Food Beverage Service Mgrs
  • 7+ Part time Food/Beverage Service
  • 1 Part Time Maintenance
  • 30+ Contract Artists (Designers, Choreographers, Musicians, Guest Performers etc.

A Community Asset is created:

  • Entertainment Venue for audiences looking for options.
  • Arts Educational Outlet with veteran instructors serving all ages of youth and continuing education for adults.
  • Event Rental Space
  • Theatrical Resource for Area Schools
  • Gallery space for local visual artists to display.
  • A vocational target for artists seeking work in their home town.
  • An avocational provider for talented people who earn livings in other ways outside of the performing arts.
  • Select programming for both family and young audiences.


  • Up to 8 fully Staged Productions each year.
  • Over 30 Theatrical Events each Year. (Comics, Music, Improv, Dance etc.)
  • Over 300 class periods educating all ages in Acting, Music, Dance, Stage Craft etc.
  • Professional venue designed to draw, train and retain local artists.

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