First Steps!

This last week we filed to make The Greg Miller Project an actual LLC. Owners of the proposed building were kind enough to allow a small group into the site this past weekend (It is still in use by another renter so we have limited access to site).

Greg casting vision! 11/19/2017
Gathering receiving vision! 11/19/2017

Our business consultant, Mr Steve Barlow, has been navigating us through this process and brought pizza and soda and told everyone where we are on the business timeline. I was able to give folks the the imaginary tour of the now open space and we all answered some questions. We have engaged an attorney, made contact with a bank for our financial administration, and signed an architect who is drawing up the plans based on his scale sketches shown Saturday. We await estimates on the renovation and negotiations with building owner to ensure all falls within the parameters of our proposed resources. We are finalizing what it means to be an investor and starting the business bank account and will be ready (barring any halting surprises) to direct supporters to how they can participate within the next week or so. Several more of these events (when the space is more secure) are coming so EVERYONE will have a chance to see the layout and contribute. Our current pledges have us at nearly half our goal of 200,000 so please tell more of our theater supporters about what we’re doing and we’ll have some literature/website/etc to help communicate our efforts.


3 thoughts on “First Steps!”

  1. If you’ll be needing volunteer labor for with construction and/or electrical work to outfit your new space, I’d be available. Not a pro, but know which end of a hammer to hold…

    1. Doug, Thanks so much for your note and interest in helping us out at The Project! Sounds like your just the kind of guy we’ll need when we have to finish a renovation and build sets. I’ll put your name in the database so we can contact you when we’re closer to putting things up but please keep an eye on the website/FB pages as we’ll be posting help opportunities there too. We might be a little wobbly on the back and forth communications to start with, so when you see something starting you want to help with don’t be afraid to reminds us!

      Greg Miller

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