Not Much Longer!

Bzzzz- buzzzz. The next voice you read will be that of Captain Miller. Buzzzz- zzzzzt. You have all been so patient waiting for news and I am loathe to keep crying wolf but I felt it imperative to touch base with everyone to let you know where The Project currently stands. We have been continually working toward our goals with the help and guidance of our very own Bizard of Oz Steve Barlow. There have been bumps and delays here and there that only slowed the process but currently we have a lease in hand that looks great and is being examined by our legal counsel, Chris at Wendland Utz, to make sure we are not missing anything. Our accounting team, headed by Ed at RSM US, are drawing up financials and forming our prospectus. Shortly thereafter a magical federally regulated portal will appear and your link to it will appear on the Greg Miller Project website where you and a limited number of other friends can become a part of this venture. Be ready when the moment arrives and stay theatrical! That is all for now.Buzzzzz-fffftt. End of transmission.

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