On the threshold of a New World (of Theater)

Hey Prospective Projectonauts! Or Prospectivenauts! At 1pm this Saturday Sept 29. Steve Barlow, myself and some of those already signed on as Greg Miller Project investors are having a meet and greet at 3820 Broadway North. (The old Whiskey Bones building) We plan on talking about the Project’s plans, how you can become a part of the limited investors group right on the doorstep of the place that will become the home of fine theatrical entertainment in Rochester. We’d hoped to take you all on a tour but because of insurance considerations we can’t take you all through just yet. If it rains we’ll postpone. Please bring an interested friend or two. There will be folks there who have already been through the Silicon Prairie Portal process who can give you tips on how to navigate it without fear.

That’s all for now,

Your humble servant,

Cap’n Miller

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