Projectors Assemble!

Calling all Projectonauts!  The mission is spelled out in the following short dossier. We’d like to make a quick video to raise investor awareness by having a huge number of Project supporters answer, on video, two questions.  “Why Greg Miller?” and why “The Greg Miller Project?” We’d like to be able to state who you are and what your connection is as well. (Performer, Volunteer, Musician, Instructor, Director, Employee Title, Audience Member, Investor etc.) We want folks to see the variety, quantity, and level of enthusiasm in our supporters. Please sign up here for your short 10 minute time slot either Wednesday 6-8pm or Thursday 7-9pm:  If you can’t make these times let me know and we can find a time for you.  Remember if you know of GMP supporters who want to help and may not be receiving these communications please pass on this intelligence, especially if they feel their voice has the opportunity to reach other supporters we may not know personally. As always agents of all ages and backgrounds are requested.

Bless you all and bless the Hintermeisters for taking on this task. Should you be captured we will never disavow our association with you for any reason. (This post will self destruct in 3… 2… NEVER! The internet is immortal.)

Grind on! Brave Men and Women!


2 thoughts on “Projectors Assemble!”

  1. I wonder if a lot of people didn’t see this in time. I know I didn’t. I see a bunch of people didn’t sign up. Any chance you would do this again so that we could get the word out more?

    1. Actually more people signed up desperately so we had more than enough for this one. We’ll do it again though for another one.

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