Seasons Gearings!

Ho Ho Ho! Greetings from the Holiday Klausmonaut! We had hoped to have exciting news and a big present for all of you by now, but it appears we’ll have to wait an itsy bit longer. Who’d-a-thunk the Government would have more red tape than a Christmas wrapping store! But never fear, Grinch Wrangler Steve of the North and elf keepers of the magic codes, Ed and Chris have all been working diligently to make sure we do this right and ready like a magno-powered Radioflyer. So, Happy Christmas to all the Projectonaughties and Projectonicies. On Actor, on Dancer, on Usher and Techie, on Harpo, on Chico, Groucho and Sheckie! Keep watching the skies for exciting news for the New Year!

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