Soon it wakes!

So word of our glorious experiment has gotten to local news hawk Jeff Kiger. He and I had a long talk about it today and although we couldn’t share the complete details about the “financial support side” due to SEC concerns, we assured him that we will be able to do that very soon when Bureaucratagons tell us all is prepared. We did confirm that we have signed a lease with Hi Fi Properties for the “Whiskey Bones” site  and are currently in the pre-construction stage. Remember to look for his article in the PB this week and don’t forget to follow, like, and share us in all our media forms so you can stay in touch with what happens next. Soon, very soon we shall wake! And all will tremble!…. with excitement!

1 thought on “Soon it wakes!”

  1. I love what you are doing, Greg. Go for it! Best of luck with everything. I admire what you are dong for Rochester and the Theatre Arts world.

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