Live Theater

Live theatrical productions is our core mission. You will love what you see.

Gathering Place

We want The Greg Miller Project to be a location to eat, drink, and be merry!


Sharing and educating the community in various theatrical crafts will be available on our site.

Live Theater

Live Theatrical Entertainment

The Project will be Rochester's Big Top One Stop Shop for Entertainment!  We'll have a full season of 8 mainstage plays and musicals with a variety of titles that give new life to old favorites and first looks at more contemporary works as well. In addition we will also present a separate series of comedy improv, variety cabaret shows, sketch comedy performances, and other theatrical events! Maybe even cult classic movie nights!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

The Project will offer a great night out for patrons with a wine and beer bar and a concessions kitchen that serves tasty light bites and desserts! Come early and gnosh in the lobby, or take it to your seat with you for during the show. Maybe you ate at a restaurant before the show and weren't ready for dessert until intermission. Order before curtain and we'll bring that cake or those drinks to your table when the actors call halftime. And to make the night super special, reserve one of our VIP booths for an even more unique theater experience!



All ages and experience levels can look to expand their horizons with classes running the gamut of the theatrical arts. Learn how to act, sing, dance, production design, how to create and apply stage make up, etc.

We'll even be hosting prep classes that will better prepare you for upcoming auditions by introducing you to song, dance and performance styles of the production in question.

A great way to break into a rewarding lifelong hobby or augment your growing theatrical skills.

Next Steps...

Help us spread the word, become a charter member, and invest in our future...this is going to be exciting!