Two Possible Futures

The Investors Portal will be closing at the end of December (2 Months). We are looking to reach a minimum goal of $250,000 to start the project . Investors have currently purchased $75,000 in shares toward this goal. We heartily thank those folks. If our minimum goal is not met the proposed project will dissolve and all investors monies returned and any costs for work done thus far falls back on me. If the minimum IS met, the plan, as stated on the portal site, will be to begin the renovation and first season planning while finishing funding through alternate sources. More investors are needed. We’d like more opportunities to convey our plans to those who may not frequent our social media channels. Most of them, I’m guessing, would be past audiences who have appreciated our combined efforts over the past quarter century, other local businesses looking to invest in their community in a very visible way, or just theater lovers who want to be a vital part of an exciting unique entertainment offering. My 25 years of directing 120+ productions for Rochester audiences kept me busy nights soI never had much opportunity to get to know our wonderful audiences on a personal level, but we’re sure some of you have and we’re hoping you can herd those folks our way with a cocktail party, group meeting, or even a free 1 hour event where we could put together some music and comedy followed by a spiel from Greg n Steve and others. Remember we have no budget for Newspaper/Tv ads, rental halls, etc. If we did we’d be using it for the start up. Also remember we are a for profit business taking on investors, not a charity asking for donations and many of the non-profit avenues will not apply to us. The next 60 days will be exciting to watch.



Greg Miller

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