Update for the week of the 24th

Hey, everyone in the Projectoplasmic sub-universe!
Not a great deal to report just yet! But as our Navigatron Super Steve says, “We keep advancing on all fronts until something stops us.” So far nothing is stopping us. Today we both met with our Friendly Finder of Space and Place, Ken, who will present a letter of intent to the owners, who have been most gracious in giving us access to the location of interest. The intrepid Nick “The Fury” Rudlong, a brave veteran cuisine Captain aboard a notorious submersible, and I also met with an all things foody and kitcheny ambassador. He had many wondrous and promising tales to tell. We will meet yet another of these mystical purveyors of sustenance Wednesday. Very positive. Also this week we will hear the wisdom from our Oracle of Law Chris on the the beginnings of finalization of investor-ship terms etc. So keep the faith, spread the word, always forward.

PS Hope you don’t mind my cheeky writing in this fashion. Make no mistake, entertaining our audiences is a responsibility we take deadly seriously but this is an adventure for us all so let’s have fun some with it!


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